Bunnyism 2.0 I Have Returned

It has been quite a while since I have written out my thoughts to share for the world. Sometimes life can get to you and you just have enough of everything. Sometimes you run out of ideas, or just don’t feel like writing. But as of lately the “Libertarian” movement has had many problems. From thinking that electoralism is the answer, or anarchist of different schools can’t work together. With the possibility of possible hard recession on the edge, and two real terrible people to choose from for presidents, as if the libertarians have anyone worth your time, I feel it’s time for me to come back and write again.

So what exactly is Bunnyism, and why do I call it Bunnyism? Bunnyism is my views on the world, along with the way in which humans should interact with each other. Over many article, I will be going over many issue we face today, along with thought experiments in which will challenge your mind.

If all goes according to plan I will be publishing one article every other week, I hope you all enjoy the articles and thanks for visiting.

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