What is Bunnyism?

Bunnyism, kind of a meme but also completely serious. Bunnyism is the idea that I have developed over the years, from tons of reading and look at the world objectively, coming to the logical conclusion that Bunnyism is the best system there is.

Art 2

So what exactly is Bunnyism, well Bunnyism is this amazing idea that every individual on Earth owns themselves, have a right to live as they please, and if they can act upon those rights, no one should stop them.

Article 1

From the minute someone is conceived, they have every right upon this Earth to live as a free agent. This includes the eight year old who chooses their own education, to the eighty year old who wants to live in the woods naked. Rights exist whether or not you can act upon them, but acting upon them proves your autonomy, and anyone who interferes with that action is interfering with someones freewill.


Government is the biggest offender of violating individuals autonomy, whether it be a Monarch, Republic or Democracy. These agents decide what is best for them, while claiming it is best for you. Sadly most people will fall for this lie, while still knowing in their heart what they want to do and how they want to live. The lie that we must give up our own dreams and beliefs for someone else is damaging to the human experiences.

Kids Playing

Children are unique, they are basically lower level adults. When children get together and play outside, they are showing us an example of voluntary interacting. The best form of society, is a society based off of voluntary interaction, be it through who you want to live with, what you want to do, and how you want to present yourself. Not everyone is going to agree with who your are, and that is okay. Because when you are free to interacted with like minded people, instead of being forced to live and work with people you’d rather not, everyone is going to be more productive and mentally and emotionally more productive.

Market Place

Voluntary Society allow a free market of ideas, where people are free to interacted with who they want. So what is Bunnyism? Bunnyism is the idea that allowing all people to act upon their full autonomy, with no agents forcing their will upon others, will result in everyone being allowed to live as they please.

((I will be writing more article in the future on how certain agents destroy individuals autonomy))

My Carrots Are Mine, And No One Shall Tell Me What To Do With Them – Bunnyism

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