Children And Autonomy

Welcome to my first article of possible many, in which we will talk about different ideas and systems, and how they violate children’s autonomy. We can not have a free society, until we recognize the autonomy of all individuals.


Public education is one of the biggest offenders that violates children’s autonomy. To begin with, going to school is not a choice. Parents are forced to send children to school, and will face jail time and fines if they refuse.


That’s right, if a child choose school is not for them, the state will use violence to teach you a lesson. This is not how something voluntary works, because there is threat of violence if you don’t comply. This is no surprise because our education system is built off the Prussian model, a model made to make people hard workers and obedient to authority.


Should this child have a right to own a business and keep their money? Well guess what, the state went after and fined a child for a lemon aid stand.


Between government putting restriction on businesses, child labor laws, and parents who have been know to take children’s money, the rights to make and keep money is not respected. As long as we live in a society where some people are allowed to trade their labor and some can’t, how can we truly call ourselves free.

Kid With Gun

In America, gun laws are insane. We have both ageist and discriminatory laws against certain individuals owning guns. I believe all individuals, from birth to death must have the right to own guns. I would not be opposed to the idea of a five year old, walking into a gun shop, and buying any gun they please. Gun laws a racist and ageist history to it, and any free society should never restrict them.


Drugs are a major talking point in todays politics. Many states are now trying to allow “Adults” to have the right to smoke marijuana. While this is a move in right direction, I personally feel in a free society children should also have the right to smoke it. Children have autonomy and self ownership of their bodies. So no one in turn has a right to tell a child what they can and can’t put in it. The state makes a huge profit off arresting and putting people in jail for victimless crimes. Remember the state calls their own violence law while calling yours crime.


There is a running joke in anarchist circles, “What if the child consents?” This is a very good question to ask, because consent is vital to autonomy. In many place in the world, children can be forced to hug or kiss family members they may not want to. This is a violation of their autonomy. Also in some states, children have been arrested for sharing nudes of themselves with people they are dating.

Yes children can be arrested for posting their own nudes. ((–what-you-need-to-know.html))

While I can understand people not wanting adults to have sex with kids, or even having access to nudes of children. When two children who are dating are arrested for sharing nudes of themselves to each other, this is very dangerous.

Consent is very important, and vital to a free society. While there are people who will harm people, whether sexually, physically, or mentally. We should not punish people for doing things they have the ability to do, be it sex, drugs, work, or what form of education they want. When an individual has the ability to execute said right, we shouldn’t hold them back.


I can go into many more details, and even list more reasons why a child’s autonomy is rejected in our current society. If you truly want to keep children safe, give them an environment in which they can grow and learn, you’ll respect their autonomy. It’s easy to do this, give them the freedom to explore the world, but don’t use their freedom to explore as a free pass to manipulate and abuse them.

If you’d like more articles like this, or would like me to go more into detail on certain subjects. Please let me know in the comments. Until next time remember,

“Without Autonomy, The Individual Can’t Be Free.” -Bunnyism.


4 thoughts on “Children And Autonomy

  1. As a Christian I say no, children do not have autonomy and should only be granted it on a limited basis based on the judgement of the parents. Children should be seen as basically a classical chattel responsibility until they have reached maturity and can decide to strike out on their own. This is historically what all humans have done, for the most part, and any other view is imposing your will on others.


  2. You bring up a lot of very good points, however, I’m not sure about the guns or drugs, as all people do have the right with their own body, but they could harm others without understanding what they are doing. You bring up a five-year-old, but there needs to be a reason a five-year-old needs a gun, and I don’t believe or think there should be a reason for anyone to own a gun. I do drastically agree with your remarks on education and consent, but I’m not sure how we could fix the current laws and regulations.


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