After Valentines Day

First I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines Day, so just for some fun, lets talk about human relationships and how we might be looking at them wrong.

Starting with family, the family structure we see in modern days as a mom and dad is nothing but a spook. Its a social construct that is based off religion that claims certain things, you must have a mom and a dad, and these two must have children to make society go round. But what if its not in the interest for both or either partner to have a child. Then they owe society no child. It is also possible that the partners might not even be sexually attracted to the opposite gender, if this is so, you don’t owe society a straight marriage.

Now we look at family and claim that we must be loyal to family members. Mothers and fathers must always be loyal to the children and the children must always be loyal to the parents. What if its not in the self interest of the child to stay loyal to the parent. Say they want to run off and join the circus, should they have that right? Yes, children have the same individual rights as the adults, and even though they may not be able to execute said rights, if they are able to, they owe nothing to the parent and owe everything to themselves.

So then what does any of this have to do with relationships? Well in simple terms, all relationships are selfish, whether you realize it or not. In every good relation that works, both parties are benefiting from it, be it love, sex, companionship, ect. Relationships are somethings human desire and they all find different things of importants out of theses relationships. If you are not benefiting from a relationship, or your partner(s), this relationship is bound to fail.

Part of being an anarchist is to destroy the social concepts that we are tied to. I know many people who are polyamorous, who are very happy, in which all partners benefit from said set up. You or I have no room to force people to have a certain kind of relationship because we don’t know what is in their self interest, but as anarchist we should allow any relationship to exist that is on voluntary bases.

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