I Am Working On Writing A Book

So me and a friend of mine are both writing a book on counter economics, I decided to share my introduction to myself from said book to get you all excited to read it when it comes out. Also I will be leaving a link to my discord in the bottom here if you want to join me for some fun.

Anarchism is more than something I talk about, it’s more than something I dream about, its something I believe that would be the best system that is available to all mankind. Anarchism is the liberation of all mankind. We live under a system at the current time, which uses force through authorities which doesn’t allow individuals the right to work with who would best serve their self interest, but instead are forced to work with those who we are told to.
Even from a young age I have always questioned authority. I remember always questioning things in school. Why must we learn this, why must I work with these people I dont like and so forth. School was always something I hated and remember one of my IEPs saying that I am not conforming to what they expect me to be, proof that the state doesnt want what Max Stirner talked about, a union of egoist, but a group, collective one way of thinking.
I use to believe in a small state, like cops, courts and military and a federal sales tax, and joined the Navy. I wanted our nation to return back to what I believed would of been the best thing for everyone, but after my time in the military and getting on out, I realized just how wrong I was.
So I was in my early twenties when I first heard of Anarchism, and the jump from “small government” to none was quite easy. But it was a lonely time, because Anarchism was not so popular on the internet, and most people still havent gotten to the point of accepting it. But I lived in the woods and off the grid to a point, and enjoyed many years becoming self sufficient and learning about things like, fishing, hunting, gathering firewood, all the fun stuff.
It wasn’t until last summer I started to look more into agorism, I mean I have used multiple types of agorism, from flea markets and trading, but have realised that agorism is the key way to beat the state at its game.
I have been talking lately with my good friend Market Boar, and they have seemed to agree, the infighting between left and right wing schools of anarchism, and no I don’t want to have the debate who is the real anarchist because I’ll say egoist are, should all use agorism to its full potential. By use take the power from the state, tax money, we can slowly weaken and bled them dry.

Link to my discord


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