The Government Shut Down And I Don’t Care

Okay so this probably wont be a super long one, but I do got to stress, the government shut down and I don’t care. Now, what do you mean by, you don’t care, doesn’t the government do a lot of essential things. Well that is a maybe.

You see, a lot of jobs like the IRS and other tax agencies, and the war room which is known for dealing in other countries problems serve no purpose. Okay you might say, we agree there, but what about people who protect our environment and make sure we have clean water?

Easy, you see most people want a clean environment and fresh water. Who is doing those jobs now, the government some might say, in which I would say you are wrong. It’s individual people being paid by said government. If the government was to get out of the way, who is to say co-ops couldn’t take their place doing the same thing. I would pay a co-op to make sure my water was fresh, wouldn’t you.

Now many people have been worried about a lot of these workers not being paid, and that is a fair concern. While a lot of people who know me will be able to say I don’t support full on capitalism. I am happy to say a lot of these capitalist companies have been helping these people, an example would be Kraft.

Whether they are doing it out of the kindness of their hearts, or to gain support among consumers, it goes to show that good PR is helpful and that even without government someone will either help them out of the kindness of their hearts, or it’s good press.

People have been fooled for a long time, been taught that without the government doing everything for use, that we would in the end be doomed. But the recent government shut down has shown us that we don’t need no big day government to do everything, that people are willing and able to take care of themselves and others.

3 thoughts on “The Government Shut Down And I Don’t Care

    1. Not all people do good things. But in a society like I would want set up, it would be in the intrest of each person to help each other. Humans are a social speices. Imagine being selfish and then no one wanting to interact with you. I plan in future to write some blogs on how such societies will function. Thanks for response.

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