A Look At How Nature Is Our Freedom

Nature, it surrounded by use, yet many people just think of it as pretty scenery. Yet they fail to realize while they are running up and down the city, nature provides a path to giving their life more freedom.

Farming for example can provide both a good source of income and amazing food. While many people are working for a boss, relying on their boss for a job, so they can run to a store and provide for themselves and their family; a farm can give you fresh food and a source of income. Fresh eggs right from chickens when you wake up, delicious fruits and veggies you grew yourself. Also growing more than you need, you can take these extras to farmers markets to make an extra penny.

Fishing and Hunting is natures abundance of food. No longer having to buy hormone injected food. I live very close to a lake that has more fish than I could ever eat. Also I live in the woods with an endless amount of animals that can be hunted.

We look at nature as just beautiful, yet we don’t realize its actually our freedom. As this blog grows, I hope to share more techniques on ways that nature provides freedom, and can give you a little more of a feel to anarchism in your life.

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