Why Am I An Anarchist?

            When you hear the term anarchy, what thoughts come to mind? Many people will think chaos, like a mad max society. A society where because we have no laws, people would rape, murder and steal. Now hold that thought for a minute. If tomorrow all laws cease to exist, would you go around murdering, raping and stealing? What about a member of your family? The thing is most people don’t do these things because of the law, but because they choose not to.

            So then what exactly is Anarchy; in simple it’s a society without rulers. What is a ruler you might ask? A ruler can be someone from a president to a king, but they hold power because they have the force to back up their rulership. What do I mean by they hold power to back it up, well.

            You have heard the saying might is right. Rulers in modern day societies have entire governments and even militaries to back up their power. If some random person on the street running around naked said you must follow them, you’d probably laugh them off because they have no way to enforce that upon you. Now when the government says to pay your taxes, if you choose not to do this, men with guns will kick in your door, possibly kill you because the government has the power to do so.

            Governments only have power because the masses are fooled into thinking that these people give them rights. No government ever has been able to give people rights, but only suppress rights, because if you were on a deserted island, you’d be free to do as you please because no one would be there to ruler over you.  

            Now lets get back to the original question at hand, as I can talk a lot more on problems with governments and their illusion of rights in another blog. Why am I an Anarchist? The reason I am an Anarchist is because I believe in a society of complete freedom and where individuals help each other on a voluntary basis, how would such societies work, and what would I like them to look like? That is for another blog for another day.

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